A novel by Richard W. Holmes

The adventure story centers around two leading characters, Rusty a 40-year-old opal miner, and Kate, a 60-year-old tough -as -nails woman who raises sheep and cattle when she is not mining opal. This story, I believe, captures a sense of intrigue and calamity that continues to happen between opal miners, "ratters", and animals of the Outback area of Lightning Ridge, Australia.

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The first book in a series.

This opal mining adventure story takes place in the Australian Outback. A miner struggles to find his fortune by digging for black opal. His quest includes the interaction of people, animals, and the elusive “ratters” that interfere with his efforts.
The second book in the series.

This story is a continuation of the adventures of Rusty and Kate from the first book. Both characters start up their opal mining operation again only to be hit by the elusive ratters. However, this time they set a trap and capture the invader.
The third book in the series. 

A fictional story where the ‘ratted’ become the ‘ratters’ in their search for an unknown source of diamonds located by an opal miner now dead, who told no one of his great find.
The fourth book in the series.

A story inspired by a man, now dead, who found one of the largest gem opal deposits in the Lightning Ridge area of Australia. He claimed that in a certain spot under the Cretaceous sediments, a miner will find kimberlite, the host rock for diamonds.

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